That’s Facebook Nonsense!

3 May 2013 in Blog

You know those posts that your Facebook friends share or like that drive you mad.  The ones that warn you that Facebook will start charging for posts or that a Facebook group of pedophiles might hack your account.  Well this post is appearing on a lot of business pages at the moment:


It suggests that page owners need to pay to reach more of their audience.  Let’s forget for a second that Facebook provide their services for free and actually why shouldn’t they charge businesses and look at whether this is another one of those rumours that is based on misinformation.  As soon as I saw this post on a business Facebook page I put some of the text into Google and got back over 3.5 million hits which is a clear sign that people are blindly copy-pasting the information.  However on the first page of those hit I found two very useful links.  The first was a site called which explained how the pay-for-viewers post was just that and the second explained more of the intricacies of how EdgeRank works from a marketeers perspective called

3 May 2013 Blog