White screen of death in WordPress

19 October 2015 in Uncategorized

I was recently perplexed when a site I was hosting but not administering wasn’t accessible … just a blank white screen appeared.  I followed many of the suggestions I found online such as removing all the plug-ins to find a malicious one with no success, even with no plugins active the WordPress site still returned a blank screen.  I finally found a shared library in the root folder called libworker.so and a quick search up on that suggested it was the malware and then realised that there was a zero byte index.html file also in the root folder.  I removed both those files and was able to get the site up and running.  Apparently an administrator of the site had created an “admin” user with the dumbest password ever of “password” … it probably hadn’t been much later that the site had been hacked and the malware had appeared.

19 October 2015 Uncategorized