Search Engine Optimisation or how does google find my site?

23 March 2016 in Blog

Our friend Jason in Spokane recently asked how to get a relatively new website up onto the top pages of Google’s search engine.  Currently the site doesn’t appear at all when users enter a search term such as “Auto Shopping Spokane”, so here are a few basic things that can help.  For starters Google provide a helpful starter guide but the first thing to fix is the <title> for the main page and then give every page a useful and accurate title:

<title>This Credit Union – Auto Shopping Spokane</title>

for the main page title and:

<title>This Credit Union – Auto Finance and Loans</title>

for the Finance page and so on.  Next you’ve got to look at the meta data.  This doesn’t necessarily push the site up the rankings but will help Google display the details accurate in the search results.  Developed By Monkeys meta data looks like:

<meta name=”Author” content=”Developed By Monkeys”>
<meta name=”Description” content=”Developed By Monkeys … a web design house based in Mortimer, West Berkshire … a few monkeys typing randomly”>
<meta name=”Keywords” content=”DevByMonkeys, Developed By Monkeys, Web Design, Mortimer, West Berkshire”>

and this helps Google accurately locate and describe your site.  Once the site is “described” better by the title and the meta tags you can then request that Google’s crawlbot visits your site.

23 March 2016 Blog