Ally Pally Graphics

6 December 2010 in Our Work

Ally Pally Graphics :

Alice at Ally Pally Graphics provides bespoke graphic design services at competitive prices in the West Berkshire area and needed a new affordable website developed quickly and using the standard Twenty-Ten theme for WordPress. Developed By Monkeys were able to help with some of the trickier customisations required and are also now pleased to be hosting the site.

Thin Thinking

3 December 2010 in Our Work

Thin Thinking :

Nicky Williams (Postively Better) and Valentina Slater combined to produce “Thin Thinking” and Developed By Monkeys installed a WordPress site for the new venture. 

IIS7 and “ActiveX component can’t create object” error

3 November 2010 in Blog

I recently ran into an issue running an old ASP application that used a 32-Bit DLL on a Windows 7 64-Bit IIS 7 installation that had me vexed for a while.  The ASP code failed to load the DLL:

Dim oMyObject
Set oMyObject = Server.CreateObject(“My32Bit.MyNewObject.1”)

and reported an error:

ActiveX component can’t create object

I eventually found that 32-Bit application support is disabled by default in IIS7 on 64-Bit, so to resolve the error, here is what I needed to do:

Create a new Application Pool using Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager by clicking “Application Pools” on the left hand pane.  Click “Add Application Pool” and provide it with a name such as “Classic ASP”.  Right click the new application pool and select “Advanced Settings” and under “General” switch “Enable 32-Bit Applications” to “True”.

Then switch your ASP site over to use the new Application Pool by right clicking on the site name and selecting “Manage Application”/”Advanced Settings” and changing the Application Pool to the newly created “Classic ASP”.

Job done.

Best Banker In Spokane

24 May 2010 in Blog

Best Banker In Spokane :

Friend of Developed By Monkeys Jason Coleman-Heppler has a goal to become the “best banker in Spokane” and a major step towards achieving that goal is the creation of his website and blog.  Good luck Jason.

Facebook status

10 May 2010 in Blog

Pedro’s recent facebook status:

I’m just trying to be a better webmaster … my name is Url!

We liked it anyway.

Positively Better

17 November 2009 in Our Work

Positively Better :
Nicky Williams is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst and Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and came to Developed By Monkeys for help setting up her first website.  We recommended a WordPress site and helped customise a template that Nicky chose.The new site was up and running in a very short timescale and Developed By Monkeys are pleased to have helped with the installation and setup and are now hosting Nicky’s site for her.
 Positively Better

Villa on the Algarve

1 October 2009 in Our Work

Another site developed for a family member with a villa in the algarve … and yes holidays there are very nice ;-). We used a Beach House theme from and the site was up and running very quickly.

Reading Grapevine

1 October 2009 in Our Work

Reading Family Grapevine Magazine :
When The Family Grapevine magazine changed their franchise structure, Alice, the owner of the local Reading version, needed to look for a new host for her WordPress website.
Within a couple of days, the WordPress site had been installed and copied over to create a copy of the previous site but with the added bonus of being on the latest WordPress version with access to a whole range of plug-ins that had not been available before.


Aldermaston Rugby

1 October 2009 in Our Work

Aldermaston Rugby Club :
Developed By Monkey’s first Joomla ( based site for one of our local rugby teams.
We answered the call from the junior section at Aldermaston Rugby to help keep their site up to date to help attract new players and to keep parents informed, but the old site was a Frontpage based monolith that was passed the sell-by date, so we put together a Joomla site for both the senior and junior sections at the club using a simple template and incorporating the RSGallery and JEvents extensions.


Camrose Centre

1 October 2009 in Our Work

Camrose Centre
An old friend and colleague, Rob called us up for advice on developing a site quickly and cheaply for a drop-in charity centre in Basingstoke, so we suggested he looked at some of the templates on offer and specifically suggested those created by Tjobbe Andrews of SiteCreative.
Within the space of a weekend, Rob had created a site for The Camrose Centre which Developed By Monkeys neatened up a little and is now pleased to host.